CRYSTAL is a RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steels) Project, born to reduce the hydrogen embrittlement risk in High-Strength Steels of Automotive Industry and coordinated by Eurecat.

Hydrogen is always present in the manufacturing steel or can be picked up during working process of steel components: monitoring and phenomenon knowledge represent a strong point and a great challenge for the future of industry.

In the project activities will be used a new solid state sensor for the quantitative in situ measurement of hydrogen in steel components with the possibility of an optimal integration in the industrial processes thanks to the 4.0 Industrial approach; on the other hand, a deep and accurate range of laboratory and real plant tests will be carried out.

The project will develop tools and procedures to determine the hydrogen content able to affect the mechanical properties of the component and to predict hydrogen embrittlement behaviour of automotive High-Strength Steels.


PARTNERS:                    Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit of Eurecat, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Centre de Recherches Metallurgiques (CRM),                                                             ArcelorMittal, VoestAlpine  and Letomec

DURATION:                     July 2020 – June 2023