Diffusible HYDROGEN measurement on sheet metal components

Diffusible hydrogen measurements directly on sheet metal components is now possible thanks to HELIOS 4 Hot Probe.

We are excited to share that the European Commission Innovation Radar has selected HELIOS 4 Hot Probe.

HELIOS 4 Hot Probe, the object of the examination, is an instrument able to measure the Diffusible Hydrogen in Sheet Metal Components, without any sample preparation.

The European Commision analyzed this innovative solution and the results are incredibly promising.

According to the Innovation Radar’s evaluation, the market maturity of this innovation is classified as “Tech Ready.” This indicates that the technology is now ready for commercialization.

Equally encouraging is the assessment of the market creation potential of this innovation, which is classified as “Very High.” This designation suggests that there is a substantial demand and market opportunity for this technology. The Diffusible H Measurement on Sheet Metal Components has the potential to address critical industry needs and significantly impact various sectors. Its ability to accurately measure diffusible hydrogen without the need for sample preparation sets it apart from traditional methods and positions it as a game-changer in the field.

Moreover, Innovation Radar identified Letomec as the Key Innovator in the development of this product.
More details: https://www.innoradar.eu/innovation/45849