HELIOS 2: the equipment for fishscale risk assessment of steel for enameling!

HELIOS 2 FISHSCALE is an equipment able to assess the risk of fishscale defects occurring on steel surfaces after vitreous enameling. The susceptibility of steel to fishscale formation depends primarily on its quality, especially the content, distribution, and nature of hydrogen-trapping sites. These sites play a crucial role in preventing hydrogen diffusion towards the surface. The hydrogen diffusion coefficient, which is determined through an electrochemical permeation test, is inversely proportional to a steel’s trapping capacity. In simple terms, the higher the hydrogen diffusion coefficient, the greater the likelihood of fish-scale formation. This measurement is essential for assessing the likelihood of fishscale formation on steel surfaces after the vitreous enameling process.

HELIOS 2 FISHSCALE is an innovative laboratory instrument capable of conducting electrochemical tests to measure permeation through steel. By following predefined hydrogen charging conditions and utilizing a pre-calibrated sensor, it is possible to perform electrochemical permeation tests to determine the apparent diffusion coefficient through steel. Consequently, it provides insight into the probability of fish-scale formation on enameled products. In fact, hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed during enameling, caused by the dissociation of water vapor at high temperatures.

LETOMEC launched HELIOS 2 FISHSCALE on the market in 2015 during the 23rd INTERNATIONAL ENAMELLERS CONGRESS. Thanks to HELIOS 2 FISHSCALE, LETOMEC and ELECTROLUX received the Innovation SMAU Award in 2016. Moreover, ArcelorMittal validated the measurement principle.

HELIOS 2 FISHSCALE is capable of conducting tests in accordance with the UNI Standard 11734:2018. Now it can also perform tests in accordance with the European Standard EN 10209 Standard.

For more information, please feel free to contact us through the provided form. We are available to demonstrate the equipment’s capabilities through free tests!