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NHAT: Numerical Hydrogen Analysis for Trapping


To execute the simulation, a prior hydrogen permeation test according to ISO 17081:2014, is required. The software, elaborating the permeation curve, calculates the Number and Energy of hydrogen traps in steel.

This scientific method (based on Mc. Nabb and Foster model) also allows a better assessment of steel fishscale susceptibility, compared to the only evaluation of hydrogen diffusion coefficient, as indicated by traditional techniques.

NHAT code can be customized on request (pipeline steels, steels for energy industries, high strength steel for automotive, aerospace…).


HYPREC Software: HYdrogen PREdiction Content


HYPREC is a software for the calculation of the hydrogen content in any moment of the storage period, from the end of casting until the final day (i.e. weeks). HYPREC is dedicated to be used for casted and forged products (blooms or billets or large forged parts).

HYPREC is able to provide information on the hydrogen content of each product in the stack. The software is based on an accurate simulation of the thermal evolution of any product in the stack from the end of casting to its positioning, taking into account the methods put into practice for the formation of the stack which are defined by the users. The interactions among the products, their peculiar characteristics and environmental conditions as well as the casting campaign timing are taken into consideration.

According to the customers requirements HYPREC can be implemented for the large forged parts in order to estimate the flacking risk and to predict the de-hydrogenation cycles (anti-flakes treatments).

The hydrogen diffusion of each product in the stack is simulated by applying the Fick's law by tuning the diffusion coefficient according to the temperature evolution and the physic characteristics of the material as determined by laboratory tests.